Friday, 21 March 2014

Mandilla Reserve, Flagstaff Hill

Untitled Mandilla Reserve takes up a large space between Daveys and Manning Roads, right on the border between Flagstaff Hill and Aberfoyle Park.  The playground part is quite small, and is more easily accessible from Manning Road, rather than Daveys Road.

Although not fenced, the playground is set well back from both roads and backs on to residential fencing so while you need to be switched on, you don't need to hover.

There is one bench seat, and the playground equipment includes 2 spring riders, a very good see-saw, a slippery dip set into a frame with a cargo net, 2 swings (one a baby swing) AND a flying fox.  Aside from the flying fox the play equipment is really aimed at younger children.

The play equipment is all set over soft fall bark chips and is well shaded.


There is also a very large grassed area and the reserve is also home to a Bush for Life woodland restoration of Grey Box.  This provides quite a large area to explore for children who are a bit older and are responsible enough to respect the ecological importance of the restoration (for example, staying on cleared paths).

There are shops nearby:  both Manning and Daveys Road are home to local shops and the Aberfoyle Hub shopping areas are a very short drive away.

The reserve has no toilets or BBQ facilities.  One thing which is a pain is that it does not have dedicated parking and on street parking is a little tricky.  Both Manning and Daveys Roads have quite a lot of 'no standing' areas.  I parked on Edina Street - it's a little bit of a walk but it did mean a park on a quiet street i the shade.

The toddler declared that he loved the playground and was never, ever going to leave.  So a thumbs up (with a few caveats).

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