Monday, 28 April 2014

Thalassa Park, Aberfoyle Park

Easily the biggest park or playground visited yet. Thalassa Park is big enough to be sign-posted off Happy Valley Drive (so no excuses for not being able to find it!) and is a park you drive into for parking.

There is a formal garden area and plenty of wooded, shady BBQ areas, including a few that are set up near the very impressive playground.

It's a park which is clearly set up for picnicking and the public toilets are next to the playground - perfect for little legs which get tired easily.

The large playground caters well for children of all ages. There are three slides of varying sizes and four swings. There are three spring riders for younger children and a whole raft of climbing equipment for older children, including flying foxes and a fireman's pole.

The playground is close to the car park (not so close you have to worry) and while it's not exactly shaded itself, there is plenty of shade in the surrounding park area, including a gazebo for those organised enough to get there early and stake a claim! Onkaparinga Council does want you to get in touch if you're planning a gathering of 30 or more (true for all the council parks) but I'm not sure if that means you can actually book a spot.

If you're prepared to be away from the playground there are plenty of bbqs dotted around. There is a lot of explore (we only covered a tiny fraction, due to a disproportionate amount of time spent on the swings) and, with its dedicated drive, you only have to worry about car park traffic.

If you've not brought your lunch along, the Aberfoyle Hub shopping centre is very close by, as are the shops on South Road.

A top notch park and recommended for groups, especially mixed age groups.

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