Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Adelaide Fringe: Michael Griffiths as Cole

Le Cascadeur - Venue for Cole*

The Adelaide Fringe is in full swing - there's just a good week plus to go and we're only two days into Mad March.

I had an insane end of February. One week in particular was super hectic and during that week I managed to fit in my sole (so far - but usually I manage just one a year!) Fringe activity - Michael Griffiths as Cole.

The show is billed as Cabaret which is probably not a category I'd normally consider. However, when I read that the show was based on the songs of Cole Porter (surprise!) I was keen.

I feel like I grew up on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, I love the songs of the 20s and 30s and I've read a lot of and about F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (Hemingway I never got into though).

Other than the music, I went along with zero expectations. The show is Michael Griffiths as Cole, singing his songs and talking about his life. He sits at a keyboard and plays as he sings and talks. It's a simple set up. The bench seats in Le Cascadeur are also singularly uncomfortable - particularly for anyone long limbed, something Griffiths acknowledged mid-way through the show, encouraging us to all get up and have a wriggle!

The songs are great (he has some epic material to work with!) and I found out a huge amount about Cole Porter's life I never knew - or rather, I discovered I knew nothing about Cole Porter's life!

Michael Griffiths is originally from Adelaide and the show was written by his school friend (and, naturally, fellow Adelaidean) Anna Goldsworthy - and a few Adelaide references have been slipped into the show. Something guaranteed to keep local audiences happy.

If you're a fan of Cole Porter, or the era in general, you will definitely enjoy this show. Be prepared for a lot of toe-tapping and swaying from those around you!!!

Michael Griffiths as Cole runs at the Garden until 13 March. For tickets, head here.

Thank you to BeYoung PR for the tickets to the show!

* I'm sure Michael Griffiths wouldn't have minded but I still think it's rude to be snapping photos mid-show, and waaaaay too self-conscious to head for a selfie with him afterwards!

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