Thursday, 19 April 2018

Float Mode - at Mode Fitness

date of visit: Friday 13 April 2018


I've been talking about doing a float since pretty much forever. When I lived in Leeds (so, given I moved back to Australia almost 10 years ago ... you get the idea) a float business opened up in the city centre and I never quite got around to going. I was a bit apprehensive ... after all, you're on your back, in water, in the dark ... that's just a little bit intimidating if you think about it for too long.

Anyway, before Christmas a group buying deal came up for a float at Float Mode in the city. I managed to buy it and book it! Of course, despite having the voucher for months, I managed to use it about a week before it expired. This is particularly inexcusable because Float Mode has online booking (HALLELUJAH!) meaning you don't have to find time to phone, have a chat to someone and have your calendar in front of you all at once ....

It turned out my timing was impeccable because I'd had (by my standards - I'm lucky as my life is generally pretty chilled out) something of a challenging week. Even though I really questioned whether or not I could afford the time, I think it ended up being a good way of spending some time.

Even though you spend an hour in the tank, you do have to budget about 1.5 hours. As a newbie, I received a very detailed introduction to floating (seriously, these guys have thought of EVERYTHING in the intro) - what to do, what to expect - even down to how much of a gap to leave on the bathroom door! As I was a bit apprehensive, this was great because by the time we'd gone through everything I was totally calm about what was to come. I didn't feel like there were going to be any surprises.

After my 'induction', I was left alone. Everyone has to shower prior to hopping in the tank so I enjoyed a waterfall shower (you are advised to take it a bit cooler than usual, so that the water in the tank doesn't feel cold) and then put my ear plugs in (not essential, but recommended), picked up my little facewasher (in case you need to rub your face ... you don't want that super salty water in your eyes!) and hopped in. 

Because the tank is loaded with 350kg of salt, I'd been given very careful instructions about getting in - apparently if you don't lie back gently, supported by your hands, your legs can bob up quite quickly! Once in, it was time to close the tank, familiarise myself and finally turn the light out.

You get about 10 minutes of music, which fades out and then you spend the rest of the time in silence. I was quite surprised that I didn't fall asleep. It's a very weird sensation - because it kind of is like going to bed (warm and dark) but you're not tired (well, for me it was the middle of the day) and you're flat on your back.

Although I did find the experience very relaxing (and as someone with permanently tight muscles, that's a good thing!) I also found it really valuable as some switch off time. Like most people, I am always on a device of some sort and always have my mind ticking over what needs to be done, what I should be doing, what I could be doing and so on. Obviously, shut up in a tank of water I couldn't do anything (including procrastinate!) so it was a really fabulous opportunity to empty my mind. I didn't get bored but I also didn't stress over the things I wasn't doing and didn't create to-do lists for when I got out. I got a bit fidgety towards the end, but as you're fully supported in the water, you can have a bit of a wriggle. I imagine it's a lot like yoga nidra - the more often you do it, the 'better' (for want of a superior word) you get at it.

When the time is up, the music comes back on, a voice tells you your float is over and it's time to hop out. I'd been told to be careful getting out - just in case your muscles are all REALLY relaxed! Then into the shower to wash off all the salt and you get dressed and you're done!

The only thing I hadn't thought of was that it might have been a good idea to bring a comb to comb out my long hair after the shower!

Would I recommend this? Absolutely! Float Mode's prices seem consistent with other float businesses in Adelaide so if you work in the CBD or head in there often, it's a good choice. I had no problem parking on the street.

26 Elizabeth Street
Adelaide SA 5000
0432 433 306

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