Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tyrrells Crisps (or Chips, if you will)


Ages ago - around Father's Day - Tyrrells Chips (AU) ran a Facebook competition to win your father's height in crisps (sorry - I lived in England too long - small crispy things in bags are crisps, hot things are chips!). I entered on behalf of Master 5 and was chosen as winner.

You can never tell how long a prize will take to arrive but that just kind of makes it fun. If it's a big gap it's kind of like finding out you've won all over again!

Anyway, the crisps arrived just a couple of days ago. I'm not entirely sure it's my other half's height in crisps (no idea how you'd work that out anyway!) but no one here is complaining. We never buy crisps - partly because as far as we're all concerned they're an actual food group. A pint of beer and a packet of crisps IS a balanced meal - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'm really happy that we got a mix of flavours (in the competition entry I'd had to specify a favourite crisp flavour - which was roast chicken) because I only like ready salted (plain). Andy can eat all the other (the one bag of roast chicken has already been eaten!). I'm sure Master 5 will be happy to help out and at least one or two will get taken to BBQs.

It will sound odd but I love winning things like this. It's not a high value prize but it's something we'd never ever have bought ourselves so it is an actual treat.

Thanks to Tyrrells for running the competition and sending them through!

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