Friday, 29 January 2016

Inflatable Zone, O'Halloran Hill

time to run away and hide? :D

If you have children of pretty much any size you'll know how much they love to burn up energy. Fortunately here in Adelaide there are tons of venues where you can take them. And most of those venues come equipped with coffee shops so it's win-win all round.

Inflatable Zone appears to be the latest to pop up. It's at The Hill Rec Centre on Candy Road at O'Halloran Hill. While I had no idea there was a rec centre on Candy Road (and I live in the area!) but I was certainly ready to give it a go!

I'd wanted to take Master 5 and his best mate to Inflatable World down at Morphett Vale but I'd wanted to go before they turned 5 (it's cheaper!). We'd missed that slot and another attempt to head to Inflatable World was shot down by an older sibling (who, it turns out, has subsequently changed his mind!).

Anyway, we managed to pin down a date for Inflatable Zone. Sessions are 1.5 hours and held throughout the day, starting at 9am. We'd decided to opt for the 10:30am session, $12 per 5 year old* and $2 each for a pair of grip socks (you get to keep these so you can save on subsequent visits).

While you can just rock up and take your chances, Inflatable Zone's online booking is easy to use, guarantees you your slot AND gives you an idea of which sessions are busiest. It also means when you do arrive there's no stuffing around - they tick your name off, give you your socks if you booked them and then you're ready to go (pro tip: the booking will be under the name of the adult who booked it!).

When the session starts the overexcited children are let into a huge room stuffed to the brim with ... inflated stuff. Think bouncy castles combined with an inflatable set from Gladiators and you get the idea. After 15 minutes of charging around the two 5 year olds announced they needed a rest (!) and they actually seriously ran out of puff about 15 minutes before the end of the session. Although not before having a go of the velcro wall!

As the play area has only one entrance/exit you don't have to worry about your children escaping and there is, obviously, coffee available (as well as a small range of food like pies, crisps and ice cream).

During term time, Inflatable Zone is open Sat - Tues (which makes it a perfect play date venue for anyone with not quite school age children) and during holidays it has been open every day bar Friday. It is well sign posted and there is ample parking.

Inflatable Zone
The Hill Recreation Centre
Candy Road
O'Halloran Hill SA 5158

* 6 years and over $16

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