Monday, 18 January 2016

New Sunnies!


I am not the most fashionable person on the planet by a long shot. I am simultaneously extremely lazy, fussy and tight-fisted.

This means that 'woo, shopping!' generally ends up in 'OMG it's totally time for a drink' kind of territory (especially before Master 5 came along, responsible parenting means the drink is a coffee and anything more exciting is saved for after bed time).

Anyway, one thing that is ALWAYS on my face, and has been since about first year uni, is a pair of sunnies. It doesn't matter if it's winter - I'm wearing them. Part of this is vanity (we don't want to be squinting and getting wrinkles, do we?!) but a big part of it is now I'm so used to wearing them, real life seems full of glare without them!

My current (rather, former) pair of sunnies were a $20 pair purchased in a hurry a few years back when my previously indestructible Valentinos (purchased for £22 from TKMaxx, the most awesome of shops) succumbed to a heavy footstep from a small child.

While the el-cheapo glasses have survived, the decoration around the sides is peeling off and they look like a $20 pair of sunnies that have been battered.

On the weekend, while tootling around, we ended up in a department store looking at Lego. The store also had 30% off sunnies so I decided to have a look (having already looked at some discounted Valentinos online in the morning). Somewhat miraculously, I let the moths out of the wallet and came home with a brand spanking new pair of DKNYs (reduced from $140-odd to just over $100 - still a lot of money to spend but to make me feel better we worked out my sunnies are likely to cost me about 10c per day!).

Yet to wear them anywhere other than a quick trip to the supermarket on account of spending all our time down the beach!



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