Tuesday, 29 March 2016

NOTD: Nails Inc Savoy Court

I love this colour!

Sadly, if you don't already own it you are out of luck. Nails Inc released it ages ago when they did a line of polishes accompanied by charms (yep - I don't get it either). I can't spot anything like it on the website at the moment (and I'm not about to trawl through seven pages of colours on the off chance that I find one similar!).

But it's a beautiful metallic purple that has a touch of iridescence about it. Even though it's a reasonably dark colour I don't feel that my nails have to be super short to wear it (I actually broke one of my nails last week and had to chop them all back so what you see here is mid-length for me).

One downside is that this colour doesn't wear quite as well as some of the other Nails Inc colours and it's not super deep so you definitely need base coat (I use Chelsea Bridge which looks to be another discontinued product, but is doubles as both base and top coat and has a UV filter in it), two coats of polish and then top coat.

I did my nails Sunday night and today's Tuesday and they are starting to look a little worn to me. To be fair, I do do dishes without wearing gloves and I am also very picky about how the edges of my nails look.

Wear and tear aside, it's still a gorgeous colour!

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