Sunday, 10 June 2018

Horrible Histories: Vaccinations

We've spent a few minutes transcribing the lyrics (maybe with some mondegreens!) from the Vaccinations song from the latest Horrible Histories series (series 7 I think).

Undoubtedly there are errors - please let me know of any suggestions as I have a seven year old who will be eternally grateful!

I Edward jenner and I was told
Maids who got pox once never had another episode
So I injected James Phipps with a strain
He didn't catch small pox he was as right as rain
I gave him inoculation
Depsite some protestation
Was the first vaccination
Lead to his rehabilitation
Imagine my elation at my medical creation
And so my vaccination lead to experimentation
By me, Louis Pasteur if you please
So if that worked surely you can vaccinate against all disease
So I injected cholera into a hen
Turns out I was right, it lived to lay eggs again
I gave him immunisation, it was a mate of inoculation
Bit like my vaccination but with a modification
Turns out it's application was a medical transformation
It was a combination of scientific dedication
Alexander Fleming I invented penicillin
Like all the best discoverires
Him and him and me saved the lives of many a man in history
End disease that's killing with
Vaccinations and penicillin
We gave you vaccination, penicillin and immunisation [repeat 3x]
We left a world that's cheerier
By dealing with bad bacteria

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