Tuesday, 29 March 2016

NOTD: Nails Inc Savoy Court

I love this colour!

Sadly, if you don't already own it you are out of luck. Nails Inc released it ages ago when they did a line of polishes accompanied by charms (yep - I don't get it either). I can't spot anything like it on the website at the moment (and I'm not about to trawl through seven pages of colours on the off chance that I find one similar!).

But it's a beautiful metallic purple that has a touch of iridescence about it. Even though it's a reasonably dark colour I don't feel that my nails have to be super short to wear it (I actually broke one of my nails last week and had to chop them all back so what you see here is mid-length for me).

One downside is that this colour doesn't wear quite as well as some of the other Nails Inc colours and it's not super deep so you definitely need base coat (I use Chelsea Bridge which looks to be another discontinued product, but is doubles as both base and top coat and has a UV filter in it), two coats of polish and then top coat.

I did my nails Sunday night and today's Tuesday and they are starting to look a little worn to me. To be fair, I do do dishes without wearing gloves and I am also very picky about how the edges of my nails look.

Wear and tear aside, it's still a gorgeous colour!

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Powder Foundation


I've been using Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Powder Foundation for ages now and I'm still not sure if it's a powder or a foundation!

The label says 'powder foundation' (which is why I bought it - a cheaper replacement for a more expensive Max Factor product I'd been using) but the Rimmel website has it as 'powder' and that seems to be the category that most retailers use for it. Having said that, to me, it's much more foundation than powder, unless you think that powder is something which gives you pretty solid coverage. I don't. Though I suppose if I used this with a brush (it comes with a sponge) then it would fall into the powder category.

It only comes in 4 colours - I purchased 003 Silky Beige which is a pretty good match for my skin (not too orange, which is what I find often happens in products where the colour range is limited). The coverage is pretty good. I've been using it dry and I can build up coverage where I need to. One thing I have found is that, because I'm using the slightly flimsy sponge provided, I can't be quite as precise with that build up as I would be if I were using a liquid foundation and my fingers.

This doesn't catch in dry spots (one of the things that started my love affair with powder foundations), and does last well. It's finish is very powdery which, over the course of using it, I've kind of fallen out of love with. However, that does mean that you don't develop shine too quickly.

I've worn this a lot through Adelaide's rather hot and sticky summer and it's held up really well. Another bonus is that the packaging is lovely and compact so it's perfect to take with you. The sponge is a little flimsy and I'm sure makeup pros will have their own applicator of choice. When I purchased this I did actually also buy some slightly more robust makeup sponges but haven't actually used them so if you're not fussy you'll survive!

I think you can see from the photos above that coverage is very light and not as good (in my opinion) as the Chanel foundation. Of course, the Rimmel will set you back < $20!

Once I run out, I won't be buying this again immediately but I may buy it again in the future. If you're looking for a bargain product to throw in a handbag or keep in a desk drawer (or for travel) then I would recommend this.

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Innoxa Organic Gentle Cleansing Gel


I may have mentioned before that I can sometimes struggle with cheaper face washes. I find that they can dry out my skin horribly - especially those that are also exfoliators. I'll never the forget the time Andy and I went away for a couple of days and I either forgot my face wash or thought I'd use his. BIG MISTAKE. Whatever cheap product works for your significant other may not work for you. My skin dried out after using it for just two days.

For a while I spent the money on high end face washes. But these days I'm always on the lookout for something cheap and skin friendly to use in between the samples of fancy face wash I get from my mum!

I actually won this Innoxa Organic Gentle Cleansing Gel from Innoxa (thanks!) but it retails for $15 and you can grab it at Priceline.

As it's a gel, it's clear. It has a pale greenish tinge to it and it's neutrally scented (note - neutral does NOT mean it smells disgusting!). You only need to use a tiny amount - pea sized or less even so this makes it great value for money. It doesn't foam up a lot but it certainly does a good job of cleansing without drying out your skin. My skin felt clean after using it but not that horrible, drying 'squeaky clean' feel.

I used the whole lot without my skin drying out, so it definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

In terms of ingredients, it's an interesting read. The main ingredient is organic aloe juice followed by glycerin - so that's why it doesn't foam up at a great rate of knots (seriously, I have seen cleansers where sodium laureth sulphate - SLS - is the FIRST ingredient). It's not until ingredient three that we see decyl glucoside listed. This is the surfactant (the ingredient that does the foaming) - and it's a completely different beast to SLS. Not only is its manufacture renewable and plant based, a big feature is that it doesn't cause dryness. So, if like me, you find cleansers can dry out your skin, keep an eye out for it in the ingredients list!

After these three, there are lots of plant derived ingredients. The free-from list is almost as lengthy - for example, it's free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates.

This cleansing gel definitely goes on my repeat purchase list. If you're looking for something gentle and effective, I'd recommend giving it a go.

I'm including this post in Ingrid's weekly roundup of beauty posts. Thank you to everyone who commented last time and hopefully soon I will work out how to actually reply to comments rather than just add to them!

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Adelaide Fringe: Michael Griffiths as Cole

Le Cascadeur - Venue for Cole*

The Adelaide Fringe is in full swing - there's just a good week plus to go and we're only two days into Mad March.

I had an insane end of February. One week in particular was super hectic and during that week I managed to fit in my sole (so far - but usually I manage just one a year!) Fringe activity - Michael Griffiths as Cole.

The show is billed as Cabaret which is probably not a category I'd normally consider. However, when I read that the show was based on the songs of Cole Porter (surprise!) I was keen.

I feel like I grew up on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, I love the songs of the 20s and 30s and I've read a lot of and about F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (Hemingway I never got into though).

Other than the music, I went along with zero expectations. The show is Michael Griffiths as Cole, singing his songs and talking about his life. He sits at a keyboard and plays as he sings and talks. It's a simple set up. The bench seats in Le Cascadeur are also singularly uncomfortable - particularly for anyone long limbed, something Griffiths acknowledged mid-way through the show, encouraging us to all get up and have a wriggle!

The songs are great (he has some epic material to work with!) and I found out a huge amount about Cole Porter's life I never knew - or rather, I discovered I knew nothing about Cole Porter's life!

Michael Griffiths is originally from Adelaide and the show was written by his school friend (and, naturally, fellow Adelaidean) Anna Goldsworthy - and a few Adelaide references have been slipped into the show. Something guaranteed to keep local audiences happy.

If you're a fan of Cole Porter, or the era in general, you will definitely enjoy this show. Be prepared for a lot of toe-tapping and swaying from those around you!!!

Michael Griffiths as Cole runs at the Garden until 13 March. For tickets, head here.

Thank you to BeYoung PR for the tickets to the show!

* I'm sure Michael Griffiths wouldn't have minded but I still think it's rude to be snapping photos mid-show, and waaaaay too self-conscious to head for a selfie with him afterwards!

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